Every 3 seconds, an elderly person develops dementia.
There were 50 million people with dementia in 2017. Est. 75 million in 2030 and 131.5 million in 2050
Undetected Falls
Undetected Falls
28-35% of the 65-and-over age population suffers at least one fall each year.
This rate increases to 42% in 70-and-over age population.
Approximately 50% of the fall cases result in injury.
40% of the undetected fall cases result in death.
  • 65+
  • 70+
Home Care
The Need for Home Care
Two of three Americans from 55-and-over age group want to age in their homes.
"Boomers are aging in place, and technology can help them do it. And that means living without moving
to expensive care facilities."
"In 2030 there will be a national shortage of 151,000 paid direct care workers and 3.8 million unpaid
family caregivers."